About Mini V

Mini Loves to Masturbate Passionately, and Believes She Can Achieve Grander Orgasms Alone than by Any Other Way

Mini V is a middle aged woman that loves life and finds most of it precious, but nothing, but nothing pleases her more than bringing herself through marathon sessions of jerking her love button off with fierce intensity. From her stories you'll be able to tell that she's become a foremost expert on doing just that over the years. In her articles you'll read about different creative methods and settings she uses to enhance the burning intensity that is her preference, you will at times read up on her bringing her friends into her cum sessions in various ways, and at times she may even share stories of traditional heterosexual sex with you. But honestly, extremely drawn out masturbation sessions are her thing, and to having cum streaming down her legs... she says that the self empowerment of being able to bring herself to that state, when no one else can, is mind blowing.

Mini proudly states that she has masturbated herself until she's had tears streaming down her face and cum running down her legs, she's even lost lovers over her extreme preference for self gratification, but that's fine, she says that she wouldn't have it any other way. She goes on to state that "it's all worth it when I can make my eyes near roll back in my head each and every session... I've never even been close to that degree of sheer ecstasy with either a male or female partner. Even thinking about what I can do to myself gets me tingly and ready to go again." Mini says she is the mistress of her universe in every possible way.

Though it may or may not arise in her posts, Mini, in later months of 2015, made solemn prayers to higher power for days on end, to allow her to cum spontaneously and non-stop. Higher power answered her affirmatively on the third day of prayer - yes, Mini's prayers were answered! Mini is quite glad that she carefully worded her request, as she cums over and over and over again, but only when she's alone, or totally relaxed, or in bed, or when focused on achieving that. She says that since this occurred, though there's no real need for regularly jacking herself off in very intense sessions like before, just the same she still does, because the one thing that ongoing spontaneous orgasms lack, is the burn on her clit that she just lives for.

She says that higher power seems to have presented her with a cool choice of orgasm types... she can have one mild ongoing orgasm, she describes it as: "my clit is engorged, throbbing and totally huge, it weeps jizz for hours on end, and it feels superb. It feels like one low level cum that never ends, and my underwear is always wet". She adds "it's a blessing that every sane woman should want". The other type that through awareness Mini can choose, she describes as: "it starts off the same as the other kind, but the tingling escalates into burning very quickly, and then all of a sudden all of my muscles jerk and spasm, most strongly my pussy muscles and my clit, I generally blow a larger load of jizz with each successive one - each orgasm rolls into the next". She goes on to say that "how it works is that once the initial onset cum subsides, the tingling then starts up again right away, then escalates into another orgasm - each one a little more intense than before until they plateau." Mini says that she's aware that there are women out there that have this happen to them, that consider it an affliction. Though she is not in their shoes to understand why, from her perspective it is only an answer to a prayer series made in full earnest, and she feels as if she's won a huge lottery, and will treasure her winnings for the rest of her days.

Mini says she writes this blog because it's liberating, and keeps her ready for more. But too, she writes it for you, her loyal readers. She hopes that there's a lot of mad jerking, writhing, and cumming going on as you read, as that's what it's all about.

Though Mini V. considers herself sexually fluid, what her dream is, is to find a woman as expert in self pleasuring, that also has a preference for self pleasure over other types of sex, and that through displays of their self pleasure together, someday they may bring each other's sessions to new heights. She keeps on looking... when she finds that woman, she wants to share one of her other joys, which is to lick and suck sopping wet pussy, until her partner is writhing in sheer ecstasy!