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I truly enjoy masturbation, and have mastered drawing it on for a long time. I love to share descriptions of my fulfilling endurance sessions, hoping to inspire others.

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I've Really Come to Enjoy Masturbation Blogging...

I started my recent almost obsessive level of masturbation, so that I'd have something to write about for you. Truthfully, it's not an obsession for me, but it is a heck of a fun hobby, and heck, right now I've nothing better to do. Half the time it feels like I am high, as the feel good chemicals in my brain are really taking care of me as I have so much fun milking myself constantly. I had been masturbating for eleven days solid during my last ongoing session. I took a short break, then started right back up. What I did when I re-started, was keep on masturbating until I made my clit very, very sore. And as it tingled and oozed cum all the time when it got that way, I did what I could to maintain that; so I had to masturbate at least twice a day. Honestly, it got to be a load of hard work - enjoyable to the max, but too taxing on me, so I started to think outside of the box, as it were. I went online and ordered a clit pump, one without a vibrator on it. It arrived yesterday, so that being the first time I used it, it felt quite nice, but not Earth-shattering.

I slept with the pump on my clit for about two hours, then I took it off. Contrary to what I had read, it didn't feel to be "all that" while on, but still I was very reluctant to take it off. It felt like someone having their mouth on my clit and just maintaining suction, which is no big deal, and as well is nothing to shake a stick at. But this morning when I woke up, my clit was engorged, massive and swollen, and just oozing cum. It was so huge that I wet my fingers with lube and literally jerked it off... never before has that been possible. I could hang onto it with my fingers and slide them up and down it, albeit not very far. It felt utterly amazing! I rubbed with lots of friction, and clung firmly to my clit, and screamed with everything in me as I came. I felt glory and saw only blackness... I squirted a huge and powerful load. My clit got a tiny bit smaller after that heavenly cum, but it was still decently engorged.

My clit has been engorged ever since; and to max out on it, what I have done is take my panties and twist the crotch, and have them so the twisted part sits like a rope between my ass cheeks as well as my labia lips, right on my clit. It creates a fair bit of friction as I walk, and it's constantly milking me. It feels heavenly. Then about once an hour I get my vibrator and just touch it against my clit, and I immediately shoot a huge load of cum. It feels grand, and I am for now consistently both aroused and engorged, and can cum at the drop of a hat. As long as I keep cumming I can stay consistently aroused, and it's no work at all to maintain this way, so am I ever happy right now! If the state of constant arousal subsides, I will bring out the clit pump for another round...

And to think it took me so long to discover clit pumps!

Bucking Like a Bronco Now, in a Desperate Move to Release Built Up Jizz

By Mini V.

In this post, I plan to describe one of my more favorite ways to power cum. it is a method of choice when I've been cumming for days on end already and have become overly sensitive to an extreme. It's ideal in that sense, as then I don't need to pulverize my already overworked clit to have a superb yet fast cum. It is one of the ways that makes me produce an extreme amount of cum, and it makes me hotter yet to see and feel that happen - to feel totally responsible for milking all of that cum - from me! It's empowering to have the skill, creativity, and stamina to do exactly as my body demands in my most private moments; as well it's a thrill to know that I've progressed to such an advanced degree of self-cumming that probably few ever bother to achieve anything like it - every time I cum I near faint at some point! Anyway, in the method I'll describe, what I do is put on a pair of relatively loose fitting brief panties, then I put another pair on over them for a bit more support, and you'll soon see why that is. Then I get out a massager, the type that you use to get knots out of your muscles, but of course that's not what I have it for.

I put an attachment on, it is a little rubber knob about the size of a medium marble. I tuck the massager into my panties, then get down on hands and knees in front of my full length mirror. I am looking at myself in the mirror from a side view, this is so that I can watch myself perform; I want to see both my body and my facial expressions. I then with one hand tuck the knob in between my inner pussy lips. The head of the massager is sitting against my clit, but not firmly; this is important as when I cum this way it's so intense that the knob of the massager has to be removed from my clit immediately, or the pleasure quickly jumps from being extreme pleasure to being extreme pain. With it not jammed up against my clit, it's easier to pull away from it quickly after. First I rock back and forth on hands and knees with the massager head on my clit, but with it turned off. I am making sure that the sweet jizz already oozing from me is spread around well enough for good glide. When I do turn it on, I find that when my clit is extremely sensitized, it works best if I set the massager on low... it's what feels to be the best combination of intensity and comfort for me, funnily enough, more so than high or medium. So once the massager is on I rock back and forth, slowly at first.

I barely allow the massager to touch my fiery clit. As I get going I begin to buck back and forth on hands and knees. I become progressively more needy for clitoral stimulation, so at some point I start fiercely bucking my hugely engorged clit against the machine. I watch in the mirror, the expressions on my face excite me even more, and the jerkiness and spasmodic type of motion as I buck - it's wild to see - crazy even! And too, seeing a full visual of just how far as an adult woman I am willing to go to get a really intense cum off, just adds to the power of the moment. I really get into it in a big way, it's a blessing to be able to watch such a performance, really, even though it's me doing it. As I buck I start jizzing before I actually blow my load - I mean that there'll be a lot of cum streaming from me even though I haven't cum. To describe it, it feels like I'm cumming before I actually blow, if that makes sense, and that the climax is actually the end of the process. Maybe that's how it works when so extremely aroused. But the whole thing is so intense that it's hard to define what's going on.

So I am bucking like a wild bronco to have the massager graze against my madly appreciative and hugely engorged clit. It feels like I'm going out of my mind, as my brain is electrified with wild intensity. Words cannot possibly explain how exquisite it all feels to succumb to ones base instinctual nature in such a way, and to master it. As my burning clit becomes more and more greedy for stimulation, I gladly oblige it by bucking with furious intensity. As I do, the knob makes it burn and weep ever more sweetly, and my mind and spirit are as one; this is indeed the maximum degree of self stimulation. I have turned pain into the nth degree of pleasure, and it's real. Divine yes, but at times I must admit, I cry and whimper. I am blessed to know that the difference between pain and pleasure, lies only in perception. I am merging them to become one.

I adjust where my panties sit so that the vibe sits closer, and as well I find that if I buck my body in different ways I can feel more or less intensity. I'll be bucking my clit against the massager like mad by this point, and the burning is extreme, but extremely addictive at the same time - I cannot get enough. Once I let it touch right on, it's going to be only thirty seconds max before I dump a huge load of lady jizz. It hurts when I cum, but in such a powerful way that my clit sings. When I know I am going to cum I have to press the vibe down momentarily; this to make sure that when I yank the vibe away as I sensitize, that I've already had my fill of the powerful sensation produced by doing this. Pushing it into my clit burns a lot, and feels heavenly; jizz still is streaming from me. Then it happens, I allow myself to cum; I scream with the agony of such intense pleasure! Jizz spews from me like a geyser, and for a few seconds I buck against the vibe like mad, but I can no logger stay on hands and knees, as I need to have my hand ready to pull the vibe away. I hold the vibe there on my clit until I buckle over in the intensity and my legs turn to rubber. It's an entire body cum, every part of me is ringing, joyful, weeping, and fully explosive.

I am folded over on the floor, gasping. As soon as I pull my wits back together I put the vibe on the outside of my mound and massage it that way for a while. It hurts significantly, but in a pleasurable way. Though I can't stand to touch my clit after this kind of a cum, I still need to in the worst possible way. So what I do is turn the vibe off, then place it on my clit and take a few deep breaths and brace myself, as soon as I get used to the pain of touching there, I will jack with the vibe a bit - I mean I'll glide it around in the pussy juices with light pressure, just enough for it to feel decent despite the extreme sensitivity. Though before I was already producing tons of jizz, at this point there's even more. Carefully and with awareness I'll turn it back on, I won't lift it off no matter how it hurts. At this point it feels better if I sit it right on my clit rather than barely touching, as light touching at this point seems to increase the intensity of the pain I feel from such a high degree of sensitivity. It feels as if my clit has turned inside out - that the nerve endings are all on the outside. Glory be.

Though it really hurts to continue at this point, I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around not continuing, as what I have experienced until this point is beyond spiritual, beyond the best and most intensely pleasurable experience a person could have, and that's guaranteed. I often find myself praying when I cum like this, and I at times see white light from above, so it truly is spiritual for me. I am telling you about this as if I haven't done it yet today, and there's a reason for that. I have my mind set on doing this, as a matter of fact, that's what I now plan to do. I'm just super charged today, and am fully prepared for another mind and body blowing cum... bless you in having your own; I hope I've inspired you to do it with intensity!

Wish me luck, I literally can't wait... Gonna rock it like there's no tomorrow...

I ask you to share your story with me if you jacked off to my blog post and enjoyed it!

Feel free to leave your story in the comment box, and thank you!

Mini V.

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Woman Preparing to Masturbate

Share Your Private "Cumming Victories" with Me

By Mini V.

A significant percentage of what you'll read about in my blog will concern masturbation, as in my life masturbation is a true blessing, and a spiritual and driving force. Some may think that my approach is extreme, and I am fully aware of that fact; however, there will be a percentage of masturbation extremists that take a similar approach to their hobby of choice as I do, that can really make their bodies sing in extreme ways. Notice I use the term extreme, that's for a reason... I am urging the extremists amongst you to leave detailed comments telling me of your more extreme self pleasuring sessions... note though, that I do intend to share them with my readers, so stay anonymous. But as well, if you don't want me to share your comment with readers, feel free to send me your story for my own enjoyment as I'd love to read it, and let me know not to share it (in that case you have my word that I will not share it). If you want to send me your story for my own reading, know that I have an entirely open mind, as long as it's legal (so don't skip details thinking you might offend). Heck, more than likely I'll masturbate while reading it... Reminder: Keep all comments legal.

I want to know who my readers are (I don't need your real name though), I want to support them by celebrating their endurance cumming achievements with them. Tell me how you bring yourself off, what type of situation it's in, how much cum, how long you can sustain the cum for, if you weep jizz after, how superb it feels, if it burns or hurts, if you pray, tingle, cry, scream, watch yourself in the mirror, share your experience on cam, or jack off in front of a window that faces next door - tell me everything! I especially like to hear of stories of people such as myself, that are by and large straight/fluid, but like to use their friends as (willing) masturbation devices, just because they will do it and are there. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends, but I am not in love with any one of them; still I'd gladly fill the mouth of any one of them with my cum at their mere say so - male or female.

I especially love to hear stories of close friends bringing each other off, as the love and caring between friends is so powerful and intense, and friends are less inhibited around each other; so it goes without saying that a lot of jizz will be exchanged in such sessions. As well I like to hear of ways to have long, draw out cums; though I can often have one cum that sustains for up to two hours, I'd like to know the approach that others might take to doing the same; with luck I'll get some inspiration or new methods to try! I look forward to hearing of your masturbation and/or cumming with friends adventures!

Thank you in advance

Mini V.

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3D rendering of adult woman, lower body

Days Later, Still Getting High on Cumming

By Mini V.

My first blog post gave you the basic overview of a few days I spend masturbating in various creative ways, I didn't share them all, there certainly were more, but some I wish to keep to myself to treasure. After the glorious hard cumming marathon session I described though, there was more that I do wish to share. My clit was so engorged by the time I got to bed that I had to give it a thorough workout. It was in high gear by then, it was extremely sensitive, I felt like crying as I came, and I had to squeeze the flesh hard. Though not sure why I felt need to deeply knead into it with my fingers, including into the clit itself; doing so was both painful and pleasurable. I came many times over as I applied deep, massaging, squeezing, milking actions with my fingers, and as I did the muscles in my face were spasming - my face was cumming! And it felt great.. it really did, I did all that I could to make it last.

Not only did my face "cum" but so did my leg muscles, they jumped, twitched and spasmed like crazy, this session was like riding a wave. The way my muscles were constricting, it felt like I was wearing a full, really tight spandex body suit; I found myself praying as I came and came and came, and I kept right on rocking with it as I did. My clit was on fire in the worst, yet best possible way. I prayed for higher power to let me have the longest, most extended cum possible as I continued to milk it; believe it or not I saw rays of white light radiating from above. I was so fully enraptured in the full body cum I was experiencing, that I did not want it to end. I milked my hugely engorged clit for about twenty minutes, I came steadily the whole time, and it was intense. My body writhed in sheer ecstasy; for that reason I prayed to higher power to allow me to thereafter experience spontaneous cums (because they don't require so much effort!) for a period of time that's right for me, even for forever if I can tolerate it that long. I passionately milked every last drop of cum out of myself last night, and it felt so good and my clit was on fire and it hurt. At the very end I spasmed and shot a final load of cum. I fell asleep after.

When I awoke, believe it or not, I soon began having spontaneous orgasms. In the two hours I lay there enjoying them, I believe I had about thirty. Periodically I'd have one so intense that it would pull all my muscles into it, my whole body that is. They were crazy in intensity, as delicious as if someone was sucking on my clit. They rolled over one into the next - I mean to say that none was a grand finale type of cum, thank goodness. A grand finale cum is what I call it when I cum so hard that I cannot stand to have more orgasms soon afterwards. What would happen was that I'd orgasm, then afterwards there'd be an oozing and a pleasurable feel, and then it would continue building into another, and that continued until I begrudgingly got out of bed. When I did, the oozing of jizz from my clit kept right on cumming, so did some barely perceptible mini-cums, but the bigger cums stopped.

I am not sure yet if I will let the whole phenomenon fade away or if I'll start it up again (if possible to do so). Either way, it's been a heck of a decent experience... this is a whole new level of cumming for me, and I'm loving it. My clit as well as my entire body is singing! Unfortunately though, I am always saturated with jizz, and have to take steps to prevent that from becoming problematic. It's not yet an inconvenience, although at some point it may be. There is one other drawback, the throbbing of my clit at times is quite intense, and at times it with no warning, just dumps a load of jizz, and this creates a situation where it is continuously the center of my focus, to the exclusion of all else. What a shame! Kind of neat though, that for the first time ever I can just keep on oozing jizz without having to work it off all the time (though I may anyway). Right now I find myself singing a lot... no wonder...

Mini V.

PS - I came back to add that as my mood raised I started cumming again. I noticed that when I am very happy I cum spontaneous power cums now, when less happy it's just very insignificant and mild cums and a consistent oozing of jizz. The harder cums feel like someone is decently working my clit with their tongue. As well I noticed that when it all stops, if I contemplate cumming I can start it up all over again, this is absolutely fabulous of a blessing!

PPS - This post requires proper closure, so I wanted to address that. Today marks a new day since the last post script, my clit has been tingling and swollen since this morning. By creating an awareness of wanting to cum, I can still make myself ooze juices on a consistent basis, but no more big spontaneous cums. I can't tell if I am actually cumming one ongoing mild cum (that has lasted most of the day so far) or if I am just weeping jizz from an extremely aroused clit - either way it feels more than heavenly; right now I want to cry tears of joy from how fantastic I feel with jizz seeping from me in streams. And too, when I masturbate today, I barely have to work at it and can get real power cums off real fast, and they are not typical cums, the jizz just blows out of me in loads. Normally I don't power masturbate this for this long, I've lost track but it's five days now I think... but then again normally the cums don't blow my mind like this set; heck, I'd have done it for the powerful burning sensation on my clit alone.

I just had a session a little while ago. I was so wet that I wanted to take advantage of that by using a technique that requires lots of glide. I laid down on the bed and opened my legs very wide, I took my pussy lips and held them open in a way that exposed everything, including my clit, then I took the flat of my right hand, which I had a little lube on, and flung it back and forth with rapidity, across my clit and soaking wet puss. I came so hard that I arched my back and bucked my hips as I came. When super wet like that and with that technique, I can't sustain an ongoing cum very long; I wish I could, as the pulsing of cum it produces for the short while I can sustain it is incredible, it produces a thoroughly decent amount of cum, by the way. I shot so much lady jizz that it wasn't even funny!

Because I can cum so easily today, I am going for about once an hour. The most typical masturbation method of the day is leaning over the bathroom counter with a damp facecloth with lube on it, and just shaking the hell out of my clit with a vigorous side to side action; I like this one because it's super fast and super intense. In the state of sensitivity I am in it's like getting high. I cum especially fast if I arch my shoulders back and push my hips forward and my ass back a bit, it gives a lot of extra nerve sensation to do that, I get a higher degree of high that way. In about 30 seconds I blow a huge load of cum. I could easily stand there all day and do that until my legs won't hold me up any longer... that is if I had the freedom to do that, which I do not. I'd love to do that to see how much cum I could let go by the time it all ended, I think that would be awesome! I think there'd be a huge puddle on the floor. My clit fiercely burns after cumming with a facecloth, as it's rough in a way. But I love how it feels; to put it into words, it's the very center of my being in a very big, energetic way.

I was literally afraid to have this whole cycle of intense and mind blowing cums come to an end, so today for a few hours I listened to orgasmic meditations on YouTube, hoping it would help to keep me charged. Man, they just made my clit swell up like crazy, but no spontaneous cums yet. I think there will be though, as there's this huge sexual energy radiating out from my clit, and it's building. Since listening to them my clit is oozing way more than I already was; it's like the stream of cum is forcing its way out, it hurts good and consistently. It feels hugely awesome. When I walk, my clit is swollen so huge that it rubs against the seam of my pants, and I am sure if I walked long enough it would make me cum. Anyway, I've provided closure on this marathon session of self milking now, the phenomenon is coming to a close, and I am still doing my best to draw it on. But I will have to let it end soon, lest I die of exhaustion! Right now I feel like one giant orgasmic being, and only that; but too, there's nothing else that I want to be at this moment. I wish I had someone with me that enjoyed such joyous and fulfilling activity, and that we could jack ourselves off for each other! It make me wonder why more people don't explore this side of sexuality more...

Luv ya; Mini V.

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Naked Woman

Cumming as an Endurance Sport

By Mini V.

This is my first post, so welcome to my blog. I began this blog because during the last year I became able to tune into new heights of ecstasy as I bring myself off, and by the way, the sensations and accompanying spiritual phenomena continue to escalate as time goes on. I want to tell the world what our bodies can do! I have been truly blessed, and I know that as spiritual beings we were all meant to be able to access the heights that our physical bodies, combined with spirit, can take us! Yes, we are meant to have mind blowing cums! Today I am excited to share my recent masturbation experience with you. I have fully mastered my most personal of moments, but the thrill of it all is more than words can fully embrace. Though bringing myself off with such intensity is always a spiritual experience for me, for now I will stick with sharing the sexual aspect of my experience.

I am a female, mature in age, and for many years I have enjoyed drawing my masturbating sessions out to become longer and longer, and too more and more intense, bordering on unbearable at times :::she laughs::: For a long time when I came, the cums were so hard that afterwards it was disappointing that I'd have to stop dead, after all, the cumming part was all the fun... just one cum and then I'd have to wait until the pain and sensitivity died down before I could start up again. Over time, I learnt that after I blew my cum off, if I endured the discomfort and continued to rub myself off again after even the hardest of cums, I could accustom myself to assimilate the discomfort, meaning in effect that if I kept working at it, little by little, my clit would become less sensitive to pain.

I will proudly admit that I have indeed worked at it with great joy and enthusiasm over the decades; and luckily as it turned out, I have largely remained thoroughly sensitive and reactive to the thrill of masturbation. My reaction to the extreme sensitivity I used to feel after cumming is the only thing that has diminished, or at least it seems that way. I believe that if anything my cums have become more powerful over time. I don't masturbate every single day, though I probably would if I had freedom of circumstance to do that, and that's probably why I have developed more sensitivity over time rather than lost any. I will work my clit out, or basically milk it to the maximum degree for three or four days consecutively, then leave it for a week or two. By the next time, it's like there's some cell memory going on, because automatically my clit is quite sensitive and often seriously engorged... it feels so good to begin from there, the rest is icing on the cake! Even just touching it brings nerve endings alive with passion. Once I start up again though, as my nerves are so heartily engaged I immediately become addicted, and must jack off with each and every single possible opportunity that presents. I often cum in front of a mirror, as I can't believe how watching myself immersed in passion intensifies everything even more. It's so cool, as the more I burn, ooze and spew jizz out from me, the more my expressions and movements demonstrate that, which feeds the cycle to heighten, so watching is its own payoff, really.

Last night when I went to bed, my clitoris was thoroughly enlarged and engorged from the intense and profound working out I had given it the night before. I had to use my hands as I needed to be quiet - I often masturbate manually for this reason. The night before I had masturbated for about an hour and a half. That time I started to cum at about ten minutes in, and kept cumming over and over through the rest of that time. I love to smear the cum back on my clit as I keep working it, the feeling is exciting in so many ways... I rubbed until it burned - I mean it hurt good, then smeared cum back on to feel the lovely, slippery and silky glide, then rubbed til it got dry and burned again, it was mostly soft, but still the sweetest of decent cums.

When I finally allowed a hard cum to blow, I immediately had to stop manipulating my body, as the pain of touching myself more was just too much after that; and still it was tempting to keep at it... just delicious of a mind-blowing cum; jizz was just oozing out of me afterwards. It was a powerful feeling, almost like turning inside out, but as well I felt so connected to higher power. And as well, it felt like every part of my body was singing, pulsing, and cumming, second to my clit in intensity though, was my brain... yes, it literally feels like my brain cums when I finally blow jizz after a long, self love session like that. I literally felt like a masterful artist!

But last night was a bit different; I managed to avoid the hard cum, the big finale cum that is, for two hours, and as a result my clit was hugely engorged, and it felt heavenly to rub, just burning the whole time, and oozing, literally pouring with cum. When I'm that wet, one truly thrilling way to masturbate is to shake the flesh surrounding my vagina back and forth, which is one technique used last night. I do this by planting three fingers into the folds of flesh aside of my clit, two on one side, one on the other - note that they are not in my vagina; then I shake them back and forth very, very quickly. Every now and then I fling a fingertip across my oozing clit, the whole thing provides such intensity that words fail to convey it; I often find myself letting out a scream or whimpering while doing this. Shaking my puss like that makes way more cums per session than just rubbing does, they are also more intense. As well, it is easier to work through successive orgasms despite pain when bringing myself off in this way, this as the jizz pours so fast that there's plenty of available lube. After two hours though, I had to have a good old deep rub and allow the final cum to blow. And when I did cum the big finale, it was so hard I had to bite my hand to stop from screaming and gasping in the rapture of sheer, sweet ecstasy. I rubbed until I milked every last sensation of the orgasm that I could tolerate out of me - until I couldn't stand the intensity anymore.

My clit is swelling, heated up, and all tingly right now just remembering the whole thing, and my panties are very wet. As soon as I can I will get my vibrator out and put it on low and have a good old cum session while standing up. Have my female readers tried that? Hopefully you have... lol... if not you are really missing out; no doubt the guys here have secret techniques of their own. Anyway... I like to stand on the tips of my toes and barely touch my clit with the vibrator, the tippy-toe thing deeply fortifies the intensity - when I blow, often my legs buckle! It sounds kind of dangerous, but it's not really, I have never actually fallen. As the muscles give I always catch myself and refortify. One cum and it feels like my whole body, including my brain, is cumming with this method! I can easily blow within the first minute while standing up using a vibrator, but that's no fun. I work my clit gently at first, then when it's really wet and slick I like to lean forward; there's something about the combination of standing on tip toes and leaning forward that brings nerve endings alive like nothing else; it kind of burns, well it burns a lot, but in the nicest possible way... Mmmm.

So I lightly touch my clit (extremely lightly) and glide the vibrator back and forth laterally, really, really fast. The trick is to keep lifting it off so that I don't blow until ready; and of course doing that intensifies the cum. My clit gets enormous, and I keep on working it like that until I allow myself to blow. Occasionally I have to rub my clit with my fingers, for the extremely tactile benefits of touching it while that sensitive and feeling all that oozing cum. But the thing is that cumming that way, I can't continue to climax over and over like I can when I cum manually. I have to stop and let the sensitivity subside. My breathing automatically gets shallow and I hyperventilate when I do this, and the hyperventilation produces more cum intensity, so it's a true power cum! This type of session is like getting high; when I stand up and masturbate with a vibrator I ooze more volumes of cum than with any other session type except the one I will next describe, even more yet when I do it in front of a mirror, as it doubles the excitement. One thing I forgot to say though, is that when I use this method and clench the muscles in my thighs as I work, it feels that the ecstasy felt in my clit radiates out farther. To describe it better, I'd say that it brings me to feel that the sensation of my clit then affects a distance of about an inch or more into the flesh beyond it in all directions.

Another way it feels really good is if I kneel on the floor and use the vibrator, that way when my leg muscles get really weak and buckle there's no concern whatsoever about falling, so I can work it with even more gusto. When kneeling while bringing myself off, the nerves in my clit intensify if I tilt back a bit... truly the most wicked intensity, and my clit, again, gets enormously engorged. I have to be so light gliding the vibrator side to side, or it just brings me off way too fast - I could go off in seconds. Though this super-powerful way to cum feels top-notch in intensity and produces tons of jizz (it runs down my legs), it takes a lot out of me, so even though I immediately want to do it again, it'll be a good ten to even twenty minutes sometimes before I can enjoy another round. When alone I will do it as close together as I can tolerate and just keep on until I bore of it or get too tired; the most orgasms I have ever done with this self-milking method though, is six. I have come more times consecutively than that, but not while standing up or kneeling.

Sometimes it turns me on more than anything to see loads of my own cum flowing. When I need to see that, I may do a few consecutive sessions as described above. I'll focus on overcoming the pain more, and can then do the sessions considerably closer together; I have found myself at times screaming in the combination of pain and ecstasy. I absolutely love to see jizz streaming down my legs, and will work hard to achieve that!

Oh, I forgot to say, the most I ever came at once that I could count, was 22 times, that was when I used to perform on webcam for kicks (when in my thirties). I used to have my cam on, then just keep inviting people to watch, I'd keep cumming until there was no one left around or until I couldn't cum anymore. I'd come for any adult that wanted to watch, I jacked myself off for men, women, and even seniors, and had plenty of fans. Though I probably cum more than that nowadays when I work myself off manually, I can't tell because one cum often rolls into another, as I have become so expert at milking myself through long, drawn out sessions.

By the way, my legs and feet are tingling today and they haven't stopped; it almost feels like my legs are cumming, just mildly though.

Today I plan to cum until it the sensitivity prevents me from continuing, and I intend to park myself on a chair in front of the mirror to do it; I'll just let the cum flow. For the big finale cum I will stand on my toes and work it off with the vibrator until I spew tons of jizz; doesn't that sound like fun? It's the perfect day for that, as I've nothing more important to do, so I can just keep at it for as long as I please...

Talk to you later, gotta go...

PS - So yes, I did bring myself off, both sitting on a chair by the mirror, and then again with the vibe while kneeling right after that, and it was one of the most intense sessions I have ever had, I came so much; it was like my clit took on an entire life of its own. Then later I was engorging again, it was hurting because I needed release so bad. I went into the bathroom and leaned on the counter with one hand, I used the other to frisk laterally back and forth, literally shaking the flesh around my puss with my legs spread... I used lube as I needed to bring it off fast and it's easier that way. I came in about 30 seconds and it was painful in such an amazingly good way. Fuck was that nice - I saw stars! When I cum that hard I scream a very specific scream sound, it's like auhhhhhh! And it's very powerful of a scream from deep inside, very expressive. No wonder I screamed though, my clit was on fire, I near fainted, as I had really cum a lot already in the last few days; I felt tears of joy roll down my face due to the extreme degree of pleasure, intensity, and the burning pain as I let go. I am not done for the day yet either...

This stuff is true, this is an actual recount of what I have done and that I regularly do, it is a hobby for me, one that I passionately enjoy.

Just loving every minute of extreme pleasure! Mini V.

This session was not the last of this particular day, so here's the next post, which continues the story.

I invite you to comment on my blog, especially if it brings you joy, or enhances your own self-pleasuring experience.

Blow a Load!