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Share Your Private "Cumming Victories" with Me

By Mini V.

A significant percentage of what you'll read about in my blog will concern masturbation, as in my life masturbation is a true blessing, and a spiritual and driving force. Some may think that my approach is extreme, and I am fully aware of that fact; however, there will be a percentage of masturbation extremists that take a similar approach to their hobby of choice as I do, that can really make their bodies sing in extreme ways. Notice I use the term extreme, that's for a reason... I am urging the extremists amongst you to leave detailed comments telling me of your more extreme self pleasuring sessions... note though, that I do intend to share them with my readers, so stay anonymous. But as well, if you don't want me to share your comment with readers, feel free to send me your story for my own enjoyment as I'd love to read it, and let me know not to share it (in that case you have my word that I will not share it). If you want to send me your story for my own reading, know that I have an entirely open mind, as long as it's legal (so don't skip details thinking you might offend). Heck, more than likely I'll masturbate while reading it... Reminder: Keep all comments legal.

I want to know who my readers are (I don't need your real name though), I want to support them by celebrating their endurance cumming achievements with them. Tell me how you bring yourself off, what type of situation it's in, how much cum, how long you can sustain the cum for, if you weep jizz after, how superb it feels, if it burns or hurts, if you pray, tingle, cry, scream, watch yourself in the mirror, share your experience on cam, or jack off in front of a window that faces next door - tell me everything! I especially like to hear of stories of people such as myself, that are by and large straight/fluid, but like to use their friends as (willing) masturbation devices, just because they will do it and are there. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends, but I am not in love with any one of them; still I'd gladly fill the mouth of any one of them with my cum at their mere say so - male or female.

I especially love to hear stories of close friends bringing each other off, as the love and caring between friends is so powerful and intense, and friends are less inhibited around each other; so it goes without saying that a lot of jizz will be exchanged in such sessions. As well I like to hear of ways to have long, draw out cums; though I can often have one cum that sustains for up to two hours, I'd like to know the approach that others might take to doing the same; with luck I'll get some inspiration or new methods to try! I look forward to hearing of your masturbation and/or cumming with friends adventures!

Thank you in advance

Mini V.


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